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Help me to delete My Yahoo account!!

How to Close Yahoo Email Addresses Permanently

Millions of people access Yahoo for their commercial or personal use. Yahoo Mail is a good option to connect with our friends, families, and colleagues or to manage your small business emails online, but it's not the only the webmail service provider. If you find another service provider that you think is much better than Yahoo like Gmail, Hotmail, BT, etc. Then, you can delete your Yahoo addresses permanently after transitioning to the new service because it's not an easy task to handle two email accounts. Closing email addresses involve terminating your Yahoo account is a better option. Here, we are providing you with the information by which you can easily delete your Yahoo account, but once terminated, and then you can’t restore your account again. If you are not good with computers, then we suggest you take help from the techies by calling Yahoo help number available 24*7 in your services.
Before terminating your Yahoo account,…
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Important Things To Do After Yahoo Account Got Hacked !! Call @+1-877-618-6887

Yahoo Users Must Need To What to do when Account Got Hacked !!!
Last year around millions of users Yahoo accounts are affected by the massive data breach occurs in Yahoo. The hackers steal the personal information like username, address, contact number and other sensitive information of the user. If you are a regular user of this webmail service, then you need to take care of these things to save your account from getting hacked. You need to keep the record of your account activity log; if you find any unknown activity then you must need to modify the password of your account immediately.

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Now Get Your Birth Day Hidden on Yahoo Profile !!!

You can utilize Yahoo in your business to stay in contact with your clients and workers through email or through texts utilizing Yahoo Messenger, yet individuals can likewise visit your Yahoo profile to discover more data about you. This is the reason you have to ensure that the data you gave when you made your Yahoo record is precise. You can change the majority of the data on your Yahoo account, including the birth date, on the off chance that you have to refresh the record for precision purposes.
You may require your date of birth when you need to attempt to utilize secret key recuperation ventures on Yahoo. What's more, for a reason that may we don't comprehend, in the day you made a yippee account, you simply filled in the birthday date whatever you need (not your genuine birthday) and after that, you got overlooked! That is the way you need to change your birthday and ask How might I be able to change Birthday on Yahoo?
Read more: Facing Problems to Restore Deleted Yahoo …

Is it simple to block Spam emails in Yahoo?? Get it done!!!

Spam mail is one of the major issues in this modern email world, but there are a lot of other ways also by which you can easily lessen the amount of spam email you receive in your inbox. Yahoo mail gives many amazing features to avoid this. They also have powerful anti-spam filters which automatically filters the incoming messages. With good email habits and checking your email on the regular basis can minimize the amount of spam in your inbox. Receiving unwanted emails in your inbox are very frustrating. Yahoo automatically filters spam messages, but if you are still receiving spam messages, then you can also manually report them or mark them as spam or also unsubscribe them from your mailing list. Here we are providing you the information to prevent your account from spam mail. Just go through these steps or Yahoo Customer Support Phone Number is also available for your help.

Mark emails as Spam

First, you need to choose the spam email.Press on the Spam button.You need to press the dow…

How to Use stationary in Yahoo email ??

How to Create Stationary Email in Yahoo at Ease
Yahoo mail offers a wide variety of interesting features to its users. Email stationery is one of them, which helps you to make your email looks more beautiful than an ordinary one. It is a layout which is used to make your email look more amazing. There are many numbers of themes available in Yahoo for their users such as seasonal, birthday and much more. Here, we are providing you the information to use stationery in your yahoo mail with ease. Just go through these steps if you find any difficulty while executing these steps, then we advise you to take help from the experts by calling Yahoo Technical support number for assistance.
First, you need to open up the web browser. This should be Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.You need to access web browser which you by clicking twice on the browser icon located on your Desktop.Go to the Yahoo mail homepage and sign in with your Yahoo email and password.Press on the Compose button located …

Why Yahoo is not receiving emails on Android or IOS device?? Get it fixed!!

Yahoo mail is becoming one of the most widely used webmail portals all over the globe. Day by day, yahoo is upgrading its features to better the experience of their users. Now, users can easily send or receive their emails by their Smartphone. They already developed mail application for iOS and Android. If users are not able to receive emails while using the Yahoo app on their Android or IOS device, then they can take following measures to fix the issue.
Steps to resolve most issues in the Yahoo Mail app for your Android or iOS device

First, you need to check that if Yahoo mail is working properly on your computer system or not. If yes, then there must be the problem with your Android apps. You need to try the following solutions.
·You need to update the app
Make sure that you are using an updated version of the Yahoo app on your Android device. If not, then you need to update its current version. By performing, this may be your problem is fixed.
·You need to log out and log in back into…

How to Send Mobile SMS from Yahoo ??

Can you send SMS on your Mobile phone from Yahoo? Get it done!!
Yahoo has come up with many brilliant features for their users. With the help of it, users can easily send SMS to any mobile number which they want. Yahoo interface makes it very easy to send free SMS to the person which you want. There is no need for any registration; you only need Yahoo account and the mobile number of the person which you want to send your SMS. Here we will provide you with the steps with which you can easily send SMS with Yahoo Mail. If you are not good in computers then you must take help from the experts by searching Yahoo 24*7 helpline service phone number on the internet.

Steps to follow:
Fist you need to visit the homepage of the Yahoo and press on the “Mail” button.Sign into your Yahoo email account.Between the username and ‘Sign Out’ you will see your status as either you are    ‘Available’, ‘Busy’, ‘Invisible’, or ‘Offline’. If your status is ‘Available’ then proceed to the next step. If it is not…

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